Monday, May 15, 2006

More Spiderwort

This is Tradescantia "Blue and Gold", it's primary feature is the yellow foliage. I like it because it shows up brightly in the garden, even without the bluish flowers, which aren't all that showy.

It also reminds me of my "blue and gold" team, the Indiana Pacers!

As with all spiderworts, it is easy to grow in a wide variety of conditions.

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Randa said...

I love Spiderwort. I have blue ones, and white ones. They remind me of African Violet blooms!

I love all of the photos on your blog, Carol. It's neat to see the same flowers in your garden as in mine. We are so far apart (you in Indiana, and me in Eastern Ontario, near Ottawa) yet we are in the same gardening zone (5)! Your flowers are blooming ahead of mine, though. For example, my Columbine have just formed the flowerhead. I expect they'll bloom late next week or so.