Sunday, July 02, 2006

Unidentified Fungus Among Us

My sister begged me to post this picture of some fungus she has growing next to a tree stump (old sugar maple) in her back yard. It looks like a pile of dog doo, but it is fungus that keeps growing.

We have no idea what it is. Does anyone have any ideas? I told her to just knock it off the stump and bury it, and she said she didn't want to, just in case it turned out to be some new species of fungus. Wonder where she got the idea that you could find new plant species in your own back yard?

Anyway, lest you think her backyard is just a haven for disgusting looking fungi, here's a picture of some yarrow flowers she has blooming now. She has a lot of flowers growing in her back and side yards, basically wherever she has sun. I'll post a complete expose' on her garden on my regular garden blog someday soon.


Annie in Austin said...

Carol, it's a harmless slime mold, I think , sometimes called 'Dog vomit fungus'. We found lots of it when we pulled up the previous owner's rotting landscaping fabric covered with bark mulch.


Sissy said...

Annie is right, Carol! You will find it next to or near rotting wood.
I am way back here, looking for pics of your immaculate veggie garden. My DH has some time off and I want him to get an idea of what I want.
Did you build yours?